eBook Publishing and eBook Promotion

ebookpublishingeBook Publishing and eBook Promotion

By Dr. Sol Adoni

High Quality PDF ePub File – Works on all Tablets and Readers

Dr. Sol Adoni is a pioneer of the eBook Industry. He has published hundreds of eBooks and has had millions of eBooks downloaded over almost 20 years of eBook Publishing.

Dr. Sol Adoni the honorary chairman of Adoni Publishing explains how to properly format an eBook today and how to promote it.

Dr. Sol Adoni also explains proven eBook Promotion Techniques to help you sell ebooks.

A short read filled with essential information by an expert in the emerging industry of eBook Publishing.


Top 100 eBooks – “Sol Adoni has close to 20 years experience in publishing and promoting eBooks. Before Amazon knew what an eBook was, Sol Adoni had distributed MILLIONS of eBooks on his large eBook network. INSIDE INFO for anyone that writes or publishes eBooks.”

eBook Publishing and eBook Promotion
Dr. Sol Adoni
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