How To Pick Up Book

How to Pick Up Book

How to Pick Up Book
How to Pick Up Book

How To Pick Up Book

By Eros Adonis

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The sexual guru that taught females all over the planet the art of the OM ORGASM known as OMGASMS is now showing men how to become the pick-up artist that females are looking for every time they leave their house.

Eros Adonis is the sex guru that females LOVE who not only gave females the ultimate HOW TO ORGASM book with the bestselling book OMGASMS but he is also the current rage of female orgasm addicts with his LOVE CRYSTALS book and product known as EROS CRYSTALS.

This book titled How To Pick Up Book was written to aid the copious mass of the male segment of humanity that has yet to learn the art of the Pick Up. The Pick Up is that moment where you meet someone and your desire to pick them up for either an evening of erotic play in your lair or to merely get their ‘number’ so you can then pursue your target for whatever your earthly desires are.

In this book you will learn time proven techniques to captivate any person you meet within 30 to 60 seconds. The fact is women in particular make up their minds as to whom they will bed for the night or whom they will consider as a possible ‘mate’ almost as soon as they see and meet someone.

How To Pick Up Book
Eros Adonis
sexuality, sex, spirituality, adult
Adoni Publishing
February 2015






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