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Nostradamus – Cayce – Cheiro – Sollog

By D.E. Alexander

PROPHETS – Nostradamus – Cayce – Cheiro – Sollog – Prophecies of the Great Seers by D.E. Alexander is an amazing look at the long history of Prophets and how their Prophecies are now coming true.

Award winning journalist D.E. Alexander explains how our modern world was shaped by Books of Prophecy from the Bible and Old Testament Prophets such as Moses and Isaiah to Muhammad and the Qur’an. Prophecy is as much responsible for our modern world as anything.

Throughout history many world leaders have consulted Prophets and Oracles to guide them. Recent U.S. Presidents such as Ronal Regan are known to have used psychics. When you consider how world leaders such as Hitler and the Czar’s have used psychics, analyzing the famous words of Prophets is a good idea, since it seems our world is being guided to fulfill famous prophecies.

While Alexander’s book explores prophecy in general for millennia, he also focuses in on four pillars of modern prophecy, those born after Muhammad for this in depth look at Prophets such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Count Cheiro and the Great Sollog.

What did the greatest Prophets In history have to say about our times?

D.E. Alexander explains what the greatest PROPHETS had to say about our modern day.

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