Super 7 Boys

Super 7 Boys Book I

Super 7 Boys Book I
Super 7 Boys Book I

Super 7 Boys – Book I


Based on Short Stories of Dr Sol Adoni


The amazing adventures of the Super 7 Boys ™ book series has begun. Now you can read Book I of the series. The eBooks can be read on tablets and all eBook readers and computers.

The Super 7 Boys ™ are 7 Teen Boys born in 7 Major regions of earth. They have super human powers from DNA enhancement from the Atlantians.

The Atlantians have also given the Super 7 Boys ™ advanced technology that give them SUPER POWERS. Read about the new Super Heroes that save the earth from natural disasters and evil doer.

The Super 7 Boys website is

A Super 7 Boys TV Series and Films are planned.

Super 7 Boys Toys are in production.

On the Summer Solstice 18 years ago, the first of the SUPER 7 BOYS ™was born. He was born in the New York City area and his name is Cyng, the old English way to say KING. Cyng was born with super human powers and intelligence. Cyng started his first software company by the age of 12 and is now a Billionaire at only the age of 18.

Around the world every year for 7 years, on the Summer Solstice another Super Boy was born with super human powers and intelligence. Each Super 7 Boy has a name that means KING in various ancient languages. There are now a total of 7 such super powered boys on earth and this is their story. It is the story of the SUPER 7 BOYS ™.

The Super 7 Boys are:

Cyng – 18 – New York City USA

Ri – 17 – Ireland

Konge – 16 – Sweden

Khan – 15 – Beijing China

Malik – 14 – Ethiopia

Rey – 13 – Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Raj– 12 – Delhi India

Super 7 Boys – Book I
Super 7 Boys
Dr. Sol Adoni and the Adoni Boys
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