The Lucifer Conspiracy

The Lucifer Conspiracy

The Lucifer Conspiracy
The Lucifer Conspiracy

The Lucifer Conspiracy

Satanic Worship in the Vatican

By Sollog aka Dr. Sol Adoni

Author of over 100 Books

High Quality PDF ePub File – Works on all Tablets and Readers

This monumental work traces the first uses of the word LUCIFER back to ancient times. It shows how ancient scholars considered LUCIFER to be the terms Jesus used to describe himself in early Christian writings.

It traces the origins of secret societies that KNEW this truth including the Knights Templar’s. Can it be ROME and THE VATICAN are really worshiping LUCIFER?

You will be amazed by this work that takes on the origins of the Bible, the early church and secret societies.

Written by famous occult author SOLLOG, one of the most controversial authors in the world with many thousands of web sites about him, just check Google.

You will not be neutral after you read this work, you will be shocked and see how the fruit of Christianity and Catholic priests have yielded ROTTEN FRUIT by worshiping LUCIFER for thousands of years






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